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Sooner Scientific, Inc. (SSI) began operations in 1994 and is pleased to offer a complete line of top-quality products for molecular separations. Sooner Scientific has specialized in the core DNA laboratories with products for automated DNA sequencing and gel electrophoresis. Glass plates, combs, spacer sets and pre-mixed gel solutions for use with the ABI 373 and 377 DNA sequencers are available from stock. These improved glass plates eliminates the air bubble problems associated with casting gels. Our extensive line of electrophoresis and blotting equipment is the finest quality available worldwide. The SeaQuate® line of pre-mixed acrylamide/bis DNA sequencing gels solutions are available in a variety of formulations for both automated and manual sequencing. These acrylamide gels are used extensively by the laboratories involved with the Human Genome Project. SeaQualite™ agarose is a new line of agarose powder that competes directly with BioWhittaker at a guaranteed 20% discount off BMA USA list price. Sooner Scientific will guarantee to save your laboratory 20% on agarose cost regardless of your current vendor. Affarose™ affinity chromatography supports compete with Pharmacia, Bio-Rad, Pierce and Sigma at a lower price. SeparatorGel™ is an agarose based gel filtration media to compete with Pharmacia and Bio-Rad. The Thin Layer Peptide Mapping Electrophoresis System was developed, for high resolution two dimensional tryptic peptide mapping and phosphoamino acid (PAA) analysis(1). The unique clamping system, in conjunction with an inflatable nylon air bag, maintains an ultrathin interface between the buffer and the sample cellulose matrix, providing the user with reliable and reproducible results.Browse through our on-line catalog and ordering system.
SSI is now accepting purchase orders. Bank cards are accepted by phone.

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